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Forex Analytix is proud to host the free F.A.C.E. show as a part of its service. Our company’s goal is to educate and help traders be more successful, and F.A.C.E. is a great vehicle for individuals to get ideas, analysis, and market commentary.

Our range of services include free trading shows, daily analysis, exclusive members-only chatrooms and much more – all delivered via a state-of-the-art platform. We also have dedicated smartphone and tablet apps to make sure that our service is delivered to you wherever you may be.

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FACE hosted by Dale “Coach” Pinkert

F.A.C.E. Show

The F.A.C.E show is hosted by Dale “Coach” Pinkert every weekday at 8am ET (1pm UK time)

It lasts for one hour and it’s free for anyone to join. Dale and the ForexAnalytix team spend the first 30 minutes presenting their market analysis & insights, taking questions from participants when possible.

The final 30 minutes are usually taken by guest speaker presentations. Guests will typically include traders, market analysts, academics, authors and other market participants.

Guest speakers
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Are you interested in being interviewed on F.A.C.E., become a sponsor, or collaborate with us in any way?


Our team of experienced traders is here to take you through the markets, offering their analysis and discussing market news & developments


testimonials pboockvar
Peter Boockvar

Always fun chatting the world with Dale. Great questions and wide ranging discussion.

testimonials jackschwager
Jack Schwager

Dale understands markets and asks intelligent questions. I have always enjoyed our interviews.

testimonials petergoodburn
Peter Goodburn

testimonials marcmakingsense
Marc Chandler

testimonials stocktonkatie
Katie Stockton, CMT

I love being interviewed by Dale. His matter-of-fact approach to markets resonates with me, and I respect the hard work that goes into his daily analysis.

testimonials fx_button
Adam Button

testimonials LukeGromen
Luke Gromen

Dale's interviews feel like conversations with an old friend about markets. His conversations with guests blend short-term tactical views and intermediate-term strategic viewpoints into useful perspectives for traders.

testimonials hmeisler
Helene Meisler

It's always interesting when I chat with Dale. He understands markets and the conversations are lively.

testimonials JustinHertzberg
Justin Hertzberg, FPFX

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The interview is a way to present interesting points of view to our public, via guests from a wide range backgrounds and positions.

Interviewees will make presentations, discuss markets with the host & the ForexAnalytix team, and also take questions from the audience.

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